Patient Area for Urology Reno Nevada

A Place for Our Patients

The following pages should answer all of your questions about your upcoming visit and provide background on common urologic conditions. If you find that you would like further details regarding a particular issue or topic, please contact us and we’ll promptly respond with an answer.



Zero Tolerance Policy

Urology Nevada has a zero tolerance when it comes to patients exhibiting disruptive behavior. Urology Nevada will not tolerate abusive language, threats of violence, profanity, or discussions about use of any type of weapon. If a patient exhibits this type of behavior they will immediately be asked to leave and reported to the authorities. Urology Nevada also reserves the right to discontinue services with any patient who acts in the above manner.

Please understand that if you have a concern or a problem with the office we do want to hear about it in a constructive way. We are happy to listen to any suggestions you have and want to provide the best care possible while also providing a safe and non-threatening environment for our patients and staff.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation,
Urology Nevada