About Nevada Urology Reno Nevada

A Core Commitment to You and Your Health

You won’t find a more advanced, knowledgeable practice of urologic practitioners in Northern Nevada.

Urology Nevada’s 8 physicians are Board Certified by the American Board of Urology, the standards-setting body that oversees practitioners in the United States.

Just as important, each doctor and practitioner is fully committed to doing everything possible to evolve urologic care. This commitment comes in the form of attending training courses on new and emerging technologies, national conferences, and other continuing medical education opportunities.

It’s a commitment, housed in Radiation Oncology, that demonstrates the practice’s use of the very latest, cutting-edge technology to offer greater precision and fewer side effects. It’s a commitment by the doctors to staff each of the practice’s three centers with the most skilled professionals anywhere. In short, it’s a commitment to you and your well being.

Meet the physicians and practitioners of Urology Nevada:

Physicians at Care Center North

  • Joseph B. Drew, MD
  • Jonathan S. Garey-Sage, MD
  • David E. Hald, MD
  • Christine N. Lajeunesse, MD, FRCSC, FACS
  • Cheryl J. Finn, MS, APRN
  • Jeremy Reichert, PA-C
  • Remy Lamberts, MD
  • Ann Egan, AGACNP

Physicians at Care Center South

  • Matthew C. McCormack, MD
  • Roland R. Goode, MD
  • Corinna L. Jewell, BSPAS, PA-C
  • Timothy J. Redden, MD
  • Derek Glazier, PA-C

Physicians at Care Center Damonte Ranch

  • John A. Freeman, MD
  • Angelo W. Kanellos, MD
  • Derek Glazier PA-C

N. Nevada Radiation Oncology

  • Michael Kos, MD