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How Does The Calypso System® Work?

The Calypso System® consists of five main components:

  1. calypso_medicalBeacon® Electromagnetic Transponders:  Three passive electromagnetic Beacon transponders, smaller than a grain of rice, are permanently implanted within the prostate or prostate bed during a simple outpatient procedure prior to the beginning of treatment. The transponders are designed to interact with the Calypso System® by locating the prostate tumor’s position and providing guidance for accurate, objective and efficient setup and continuous tracking for patients receiving external beam radiation therapy.
  2. 4D Console: The Console contains the system components that generate and detect the electromagnetic signals used for patient alignment and continuous monitoring of the tumor’s position. The console is a fully mobile unit that is used in the radiation therapy treatment room.
  3. 4D Electromagnetic Array: The array contains the electronic components that enable the Calypso System® to excite the Beacon transponders and sense their position from the transponders’ response signals. The array is positioned over the patient during patient setup and is designed to remain in place during radiation treatment to track the motion of the treatment target relative to the machine isocenter. The array’s position is monitored by embedded infrared sensors that communicate with the infrared Optical System.
  4. 4D Tracking Station: The 4D Tracking Station is located in the control room and is used by clinicians to continuously monitor real-time tumor position information and generate daily reports.
  5. Optical System: The Optical System consists of three infrared cameras mounted in the ceiling of the radiation therapy suite. The Optical System monitors the position of the 4D Array relative to the machine isocenter.