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COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

An important message from Urology Nevada!

Here is what to expect for your next in-office visit to help you prepare:

Please arrive for your appointment 20 minutes early to allow time for COVID pre-screening. When you arrive, you will enter our lobby at the entrance to the right of the main entrance doors. Please pay attention to all signage and staff as they will direct you.

We ask that you click on the “pre boarding and patient portal” button below the morning of your scheduled visit to create a portal account. Once your account is created, we ask that you follow the “prepare now” button and complete all pre-registration info and make any necessary payments before your visit.

Please bring a mask to your visit as we are requiring that one be worn at all times while visiting any Urology Nevada location.

As to not overcrowd the clinical area, any non-essential visitors will be asked to wait outside. No spouses, additional family members or visitors will be allowed in the clinic unless the patient is a minor in which case can be accompanied by one guardian or the patient has a caregiver who is needed to accompany them.

Our priority is your care during this time so these guidelines will need to be followed closely. Please be patient as we work to ensure community guidelines are followed. More information on the current COVID-19 pandemic can be found at and if you have any questions, please contact us at (775) 322-7811.

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