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COVID-19 Coronavirus Update

An important message from Urology Nevada!

Our mission: to provide the highest quality urologic care, tailored to the needs of each patient holds true even in these unforeseen and difficult times. Urology Nevada is very proud to say that through these very hard months that we never stopped seeing our patients. By quickly adapting to the crisis and introducing a tele-health platform, increased industry standard sterilization techniques and by placing safety first, care continued while our staff remained committed to being here for you because your care is a priority to them. Now, as some of the challenges begin to subside we are very happy and excited to welcome back more of our patients to the practice in practical manner while remaining committed to your safety and the safety of our staff. At this time we will be increasing the amount of in-office visits but to be successful in this task we have had to revise some of our procedures and guidelines.

Here is what to expect for your next in-office visit to help you prepare:

Urology Nevada has set up a pre-screening booth at our front entrance and all patients will be pre-screened before entry. In addition, all staff at Urology Nevada are following the same screening protocol when arriving for work to ensure safety is at its highest level. Please make sure to adhere to all signage and instructions both posted and communicated by staff. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home and contact our office for instructions on how to proceed.

Please pre check in before arrival as it is important that you prepare for your visit by logging into or creating an account at our patient portal by clicking below on the “pre-boarding and portal login” button. From here you can complete all necessary paperwork, payments and check in ahead of your visit.

Please bring a mask to your visit as we are requiring that one be worn at all times while visiting Urology Nevada. To ensure that social distancing guidelines are followed carefully, we ask that you please arrive ten minutes prior to the appointment time for pre-screening as patients arriving too early will not be allowed entry to the lobby and will be asked to come back closer to their scheduled time. As to not overcrowd the clinical area, any non-essential visitors will be asked to leave, and no visitors will be allowed in the clinic unless the patient is a minor who can be accompanied by one guardian.

Our priority is your care during this time so these guidelines will need to be followed closely. Please be patient as we work to ensure community guidelines are followed. More information on the current COVID-19 pandemic can be found at and if you have any questions, please contact us at (775) 322-7811.

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